Getting views on the articles you post for your website is one of the hardest things in SEO. It’s pretty simple to spend money on sponsored advertising to boost the impressions of your content promotion efforts, even though it hurts to watch a portion of your advertising budget go.

However, organic search results might benefit your traffic to the website more than sponsored content! Not to mention that it is a less expensive method of marketing your website. You must feed the SEO machine to get your posts in view of your prospects’ eyes.

When you input a search query into Google, organic search rankings display on the first results pages. These outcomes are entirely determined by algorithms, not by advertising. The “sponsored” tag that shows next to the title indicates which of your Google searches are paid for. Thus, digital marketing Virginia Beach experts recommend businesses to give equal importance to organic search ranking.

What is the significance of organic search rankings?

Organic search is for potential customers you have yet to contact. It’s your goal to be one of the first things people encounter on the website when they search for generic phrases relevant to your business or service. It is either you or your main competitors.

How to track your organic SEO rankings:

What’s the use of all this labor if you can’t determine what’s working? You must specify your key performance metrics while developing your content marketing approach.

KPIs that are essential in SEO

  • Measuring the impact of a content marketing initiative on the productivity of your sales force
  • Comparing the percentage of consumers acquired by marketing and the revenue generated by organic search
  • Measuring the number of hours spent on marketing strategy for organic search vs. the amount spent on advertising.

KPIs are your success benchmarks, and every other indicator determines your KPIs.

An excellent digital marketing plan includes monitoring the performance of your organic search rankings. 

Thankfully, specific B2B solutions are designed to assist you in analyzing your important data and strategy. Even Virginia Beach IT companies can use these tools to strengthen their digital marking efforts.

Followers and engagements:

How many followers you get and how many occasions your posts are interacted with is a simple indicator for measuring your social media performance.

You can see which postings result in a prospect or client visiting your profile and hitting the follow option to remain updated with your organization.

The quantity of followers on social media you have is important since larger numbers equate to increased interaction and traffic.

However, interaction is more important than followers! Any remark, like, or share on one of your posts is considered engagement. Increasing interaction results in social media networks recommending your content to their audience.

Being on the first page of someone’s social media newsfeed is the digital marketing equivalent of the golden goose. This is accomplished by creating high-quality content tailored to each network and monitoring what works and what doesn’t.

Conversion rates: 

This indicator is the true crown jewel of your content marketing initiatives! Again, the primary purpose of content marketing should be to convert prospects.

By determining which content performs best across which platforms, you can make smarter, more educated judgments about which media to devote the most attention to.


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