Technology has changed our way of living. Mobile has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Mobile commerce trends are also evolving due to that. Over the years, consumer behavior has drastically changed, and mobile commerce seems to grow vastly in the future. Mobile commerce controls 73% of the global market share in 2021, 59% in 2017. 79% of the total mobile phone users have made an online purchase using their mobile phones. The app development Virginia Beach firms are focused on the new trends of mobile commerce and develop apps keeping all the latest trends in mind. Customers these days use their mobile phones to shop online. Your business requires a mobile-friendly website, but customers prefer mobile apps for shopping rather than mobile websites. It is the time of shopping applications. More than 85% of customers prefer mobile applications to mobile websites. Mobile applications give a better conversion rate. The application converts 157% more than the website does. 

Customers are not just browsing via mobile applications and websites; they are buying. Sales through smartphones are dominating the market in 2021. This is vital information for businesses that sell online. Mobile commerce allows you, the customers, to go through an easy checkout process. The app will enable you to save the customer information to their profile, making their next purchase easy. This is what makes it easy for the customer to make a purchase. The customers can purchase with just one click. App developers allow a managed service provider to get excellent apps made for your customer’s hassle-free experience. Conversions boost so quickly with mobile commerce applications. The customer and the business owner benefit from this scenario as the customer can shop in just one click and the business owner gets conversions. Customers are likely to spend twice on mobile applications than on desktop devices or mobile websites. 

Manage service provider and brands are using social media to gain exposure and create brand awareness these days. Social media is an inevitable part of businesses. It has been challenging to convert social media traffic into sales. But the social media commerce has evolved a lot in the last couple of years. Instagram, Facebook, etc., allows you to click on a product, navigate to the business website and shop from there without opening a new browser. Social promotions also help in bringing quality and quantity traffic to your website. Your customers are using social media regularly. To reach out to your customers, you should be present where they are. Voice assistants are gaining a lot of popularity over the years. Many large e-commerce businesses have introduced voice assistance in their mobile commerce applications to better user experience. Mobile commerce is a safe way for customers to purchase items online. Mobile trends will keep playing a vital role in the e-commerce industry for the near future. If you own an e-commerce business, get a mobile commerce application from a team of professional app developers to keep up with the trends and changing technology. 


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